Azure Developer Portal Migration

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What is Azure?

What is this post about?

During our research there wasn’t any worthy source about migration or alternative ways to accomplish it other than the documentation offered by Azure and an official demo video introducing the new developer portal.
In this writing, I will be sharing our approach, experience, how we did it, and what are the things that one should pay attention to during the migration.
If you have already watched the above-mentioned video and still looking for more information you will find some useful tips here before you start with anything ;)


Screenshot of Azure developer portal navbar

However, while adjusting views for anonymous and authenticated user I couldn’t find a way to make specific elements visible only for authenticated users. So I ended up creating two different navigation menus: one for anonymous and one for the authenticated user. And for hiding or making visible a page element, I copied a page, edited it, and made two versions of it. You get the idea.

One thing worth to mention is I find it more convenient to define a new typography item for font elements. This lets you to assign styles more quickly
to a page element while using inline editor rather than only editing style for preexisting font style elements. But these preexisting fonts are used for
auto-generated product list, API list, and documentation. Styles of these
auto-generated contents cannot be changed using inline editor.
So, it’s worth to edit preexisting font style elements for consistency.

One other cool feature is that editing mode lets you to navigate between pages just by pressing and holding control | command key (depending on your machine) and click on the page you want to switch.
This one also can be used to check if hyperlinks are working properly.



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